People are getting lost every day on the trails. Don't be one of them.

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I ran into a group the other day on a loop trail who had just finished 1/3 of the trail. Sunset was in 40 minutes and they had 3+ miles to go and weren’t exactly sure where those 3 miles were. 

They had improper shoes, no food, minimal water, no packs, no headlamps and they were trying to figure out where they were going using google maps!

Girl gets lost hiking don't get lost

They didn’t even realize they were on the WRONG TRAIL, which means they were well on their way to get lost with all the trail splits coming up ahead.

I’m honestly quite surprised at the people I sometimes run into on the trail who have experience going backpacking, but still are going on day hikes without proper gear!

Girl gets lost hiking don't get lost

Even with proper planning, there’s so many surprises you can run into on the trail! Like my first time solo backpacking where I got hailed on (see video).

Although google is on it’s way to making trail maps, they don’t really exist yet. They were on the wrong trail and it was getting dark in less than an hour. They were smart enough (I think) to turn around and go back the way they came, but who knows?

They were complaining to each other of thirst and one girl was afraid to be on the trail at dark! All they had were cell phone lights. It’s not the first time I’ve found someone who was turned around just trying their best to follow trail markers and look at google.

I fear what could have happened for them if they hadn’t run into us and asked for directions. You don’t have to end up like them. Sign up to get my top 3 tips to avoid ending up like they did!

Their excuse was that it was just a spontaneous unplanned hike to burn off some calories from the night before. I get it. We aren’t ALWAYS as prepared as we should be, but these guys could have ended up in trouble if I hadn’t encouraged them to turn around. The people before them had already gone the wrong way based on using google.

Photo by Tobi from Pexels

 I don’t want that to happen to you.

Getting lost is one of the most vulnerable AND avoidable situations to put yourself in.

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